Kleko360 is the next generation of the Cleco or Wedgelock fastener. We have taken the very popular and established 1950’s technology of the Cleco Fastener and updated it for the next generation of aerospace aircraft building processes. Built on the technology of the new automated tight tolerance fasteners, popular with automated (robotic) aircraft build lines, we have created an off the shelf fastener range that can be used immediately as an improved replacement for the existing Cleco and Wedgelock product range.

The Kleko360 provides a single sided temporary fastener (SSTF) that is so much more than the product it replaces; we provide a doweled fastener to maximise the hole fill. This increases the clamping area by up to 1000% and allows customers to increase the clamping load while reduce the risk of damaging both metal and composite structures. This, combined with the ability to retro fit into the existing tooling means that we provide a high performing fastener that is line replaceable and performance enhancing.

This combined with the patented technology and robust manufacturing systems means that Kleko360 is available both direct from Kleko360 but also via our worldwide distributor network. We also offer a Kleko360 Hardstop with a integrated clutch that allows for the delivery of a defined clamp load without the need for torque controlled tooling. Both the Kleko360 standard and Kleko360 | Hardstop allows you to benefit from the next generation of the Cleco and Wedgelock at a fraction of the cost of the high-end bespoke solutions currently available within the market.