Kleko360 products meet a wide range of both international and aerospace-specific quality standards. All products are either manufactured direct by Kleko360 or under licence in a minimum of an ISO9001 manufacturing environment and within a quality framework which is controlled by Kleko360 to ensure quality from the partners manufacturing our products. This means that the quality of products is guaranteed and costs are minimised with in-country manufacturing. Kleko360 implement a stringent audit process via monthly checks of products from each manufacturing site and in-depth audits every year to maintain quality at all times.

Quality control

The quality of the design is controlled by our parent company Kwikbolt Ltd which has over 10 years’ experience of design and manufacturing bespoke aerospace temporary fasteners to all of the major aerospace primes all over the world.

Kleko360 licence the patents behind this next generation technology from Kwikbolt Ltd and thus all patents can be found on their website at www.kwikbolt.com.

If you have any queries regarding the quality of our products in the market then please contact us directly at support@kleko360.com.