The Kleko360 temporary aerospace fastener product range has been designed and manufactured to address the short comings of the existing Cleco and Wedgelock product range. While these historical products have a place in the market, the Kleko360 is the next generation of this technology. This provides better hole fill, increased clamping loads, less damage and shear fit for new aerospace manufacturing build lines, including fully automated build lines.

Developed in partnership

Kleko360 has been developed in partnership with all of the main of the Aerospace primes to address the industry wide requirements for a better performing single sided temporary fastener (SSTF) that is cost effective but also performs how the current aerospace industry want their blind fasteners to perform. This means that Kleko360 has a wide range of applications with a few highlighted below, but in effect it is a line replacement item for the current products in the market.

Application locations

  • Wing Skins

  • Fuselages

  • Flaps

  • Slats

  • Ailerons

  • Wingbox

  • Nacelles

  • Doors

  • Panels

  • Winglets

  • Tailfin