The Kleko360 product range covers the standard hole sizes and grip ranges that are found within the aerospace and defence market. Each product is identified by part marking and colour coding and can coalesce with the standard cylindrical body tooling interface. This means that Kleko360 is a line replaceable range to our customers’ existing tooling set up on aerospace build lines.

These single sided temporary fasteners (SSTP) allow for doweling, clamping and installation all from one side. They provide a high load and standard 1 inch grip range (1/2 inch available as well) for hole diameters from 3/32 inch (2.2mm) | 0332 to 3/8 inch (9.53mm) | 1232 and can be installed with existing tooling. 

The benefits of the Kleko360 over the traditional Cleco and Wedgelock is that Kleko360 increases the clamping area, increases the clamping loads, reduces damage and provides doweling, while at the same time improving the quality and speed of your aerospace production line with a high load, high shear fastener.

The Kleko360 Hardstop as the same benefits as above but also incorporate a settable clutch to stop at a defined clamp load from 50 Lbf (222N) to 450 Lbf (2001N) in 25 Lbf (111N) steps. Which means that any input torque can be used to deliver a defined clamp load.

Current Product Range

Kleko360 offers a complete range of fasteners in both cylindrical and hex body and a diameter range from 3/32 inch (2.2mm) | 0332 to 3/8 inch (9.53mm) | 1232. The table below gives the part number and performance information set a minimum nut runner setting but more information can be found in the following documents: –




External Engineering Drawing



Customer Work Instructions

KB-CWI-KL-0002-G Kleko Fastener Work Instruction


The Kleko360 is the high-performance alternative to the ageing Wedgelock/Cleco style single sided temporary fastener. Kleko360 has been designed to cater for the modern demands and tight tolerances required within aerospace build lines today.


At Kleko360 we are committed to not only improving the performance of the traditional Cleco and Wedgelock products but also upgrading the tooling that installs and removes these products. Our aim is to improve performance, tooling flexibility and installation and removal speed. Thus we have developed a range of installation / removal tooling and accessories to bring the whole standard temporary fastening system into the next century.

Installation / Removal Tools

Our Kleko360 nut runners are available in two types, pneumatic or electric, depending on the manufacturing environment that the system is being installed in.


This airline feed system allows for a simple and robust interface to be connected to an existing airline system within the manufacturing environment. We supply a complete system including the nut runner and tooling interface. One system will work with the complete Kleko360 product range and is also interchangeable with the traditional Cleco and Wedgelock product range.


This battery driven system allows for a portable and electrical driven interface to be used anywhere with no limitations on access. We supply a complete system including the nut runner, tooling interface and charging system. One system will work with the complete Kleko360 product range and is also interchangeable with the traditional Cleco and Wedgelock product range.

Kleko360 Service and Maintenance

At Kleko360 we provide a full after care service for our products within their final environment. We look after the cleaning, repair and replacement of Kleko360 within your manufacturing environment; this allows you to maximize manufacturing up-time and focus on aircraft build. As each customer’s build line is different please contact us for a full service and maintenance contract for Kleko360 within your businesses.

Please contact us at to discuss your build line’s specific service and maintenance contract.